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                    User Manual

                    Status of the surface Washing Method
                    Dust and easily cleaned dirty  Wash it with soap、soft detergent or warm water
                    Label and lamination  Scrub it with warm water or soft detergent; for the agglomerate part, use alcohol or organic detergent to wash
                    Fat、Oil、Lubrication oil  Use soft cloth or paper to dry it then wash it with neural detergent or ammonia solution or special detergent
                    Bleacher and acid  Flush it immediately with water, soak in the ammonia or neural carbonated Soda water solution, then use neural detergent or warm water wash it
                    Organic carbide  Soak it in the hot neural detergent or ammonia solution, then wash it with soft abrasive detergent
                    Fingerprint  Wash it with alcohol or organic solution(aether、beneene) to, then use soft cloth to dry it and wash it again with clean water.
                    Newton ring  Using too much detergent or oil can cause Newton ring, wash it with warm neural detergent
                    Color changed by welding ?、?、Wash it by using 10% nitric acid or hydrofluoric acid and then treat it by using the mixed ammonia water & carbonic acid.
                    ?、?、Use special detergent
                    Rust caused by surface pollution ?、?、Wash it with nitric acid(10%) or abrasive detergent
                    ?、?、Use special detergent

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