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                    • Stainless steel sheet is widely used for household units, medical instruments, building materials and so on. More Information
                    • Stainless steel checkered plate is both slip-resistant and decorative. It be used in floor, ladder and so on. More Information
                    • Stainless Steel perforated Sheet are feed distributors, hammer mill screens, strainers and so on. More Information
                    • Stainless steel metal plate is processed by laser cutting machines, plasma machine . It can be used for car parts, oil industry and so on. More Information
                    • Stainless Steel Coil is widely used for decoration, home appliances, food-processing and so on. More Information
                    • Stainless Steel round bars are widely used for shipping industry, bearing making, decoration and so on. More Information
                    • Stainless Steel Angle bars is widely used for construction industry, machinery manufacture and so on. More Information
                    • Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe is widely used for petroleum, chemical industry, nuclear energy and so on. More Information

                    Wenzhou Baorui Steel Co.,Ltd is one professional manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel materials. The company consists two business department : Wenzhou Baorui specialize in producing the stainless steel pipes and stainless steel bars. Wuxi Branch is mainly in stainless steel coils/sheet/ and plate processing.+more
                    • Tel : 86-577-28866895 86855799
                    • Fax : 86-577-86855909
                    • E-mail: brsteel@baoruisteel.com
                    • Add : 2792 Yongqiang Load, Longwan, Wenzhou, China
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